Bulatova M., Bubka S., Platonov V. Olympic Games (1896–1972). – К.: 2013.– 496 р.

The books outline the events, course and results of the competitions of the Games of Olympiads (1896-1972, 1976-2012) and the Winter Olympics (1924-1972, 1976-2010), it provides information on the outstanding personalities of the international Olympic movement , political and economic problems that accompany the Games. The principal feature of the work is the coverage of the huge number of true enthusiasts of Olympic sport who love its history, ideals and achievements – about prominent representatives of culture, education and training, architecture, literature, different kinds of music and fine arts, whose work enriched the Olympic games, transforming them from mainly sports events in the bright and multifaceted phenomenon of common cultural nature in global scale. The book is richly illustrated.
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