Bubka S. N., Bulatova M. M. Kyiv – 1913. The First Russian Olympiad. – Kyiv: Olimpijska literature, 2013. – 232 p.

This book presents an in-depth and all-around description of the two milestones of the national history that took place one hundred years ago: the major 1913 All – Russian Exposition in Kyiv and the First Russian Olympiad that was organized simultaneously within the framework of the Exposition (although it had a certain degree of the status of a stand-alone event). The reader is given to understand the way the 1913 All-Russian Exposition in Kyiv demonstrated numerous achievements of the country in various sectors of economy, in science, engineering, education, and culture, and in what way the First Russian Olympiad facilitated the development of national sports and of the Olympic movement in the country. Along the way, the book also treats extensively of the many-century history of Kyiv since ancient times, when the city had been founded, and through the early 20th century, emphasizing the city’s role in the social, economic, and cultural life of the country, as well as the progress achieved up to that point. The chapter describing the preparations and conduct of the First Russian Olympiad is preceded by a substantial tour of the manifold sporting life in Kyiv at the turn of the previous century, which essentially went to substantiate the selection of this city as the venue of the first ever nationwide Olympics in the country.
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