Since the 1990s, experts of the Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture (since 1998 – the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport) have been actively and fruitfully working in the field of Olympic sport.

In 1993, there was established Department of Olympic Sports, and the discipline “Olympic Sports” was introduced into the curriculum.

In 1993, the Center for Olympic Studies and Olympic Education was launched on the basis of this Department, which in 2013 was granted international status.

The active educational, scientific and international long-term activity of these organizations, was highly appreciated by the international sports community, and led to the opening of the Educational and Scientific Olympic Institute on the basis of these organizations.

Major events

1993 – Founding of the Department of the Olympic Sports and introduction of the discipline “The Olympic Sports” into the University curriculum

1993 – Establishment of the Olympic Studies Centre

1993 – Initiation of the International Olympic Congress «The Olympic Sports and Sports for All» under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee

1993 – Establishment of a specialized publishing house for educational and scientific literature «The Olympic Literature»

1994 – Publication of the world’s first textbook for specialized educational institutions «The Olympic Sports” and its presentation at the Centennial Olympic Congress in Paris organized by President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch

1997 – Publication of the textbook “The Olympic Sports” in English by the International Olympic Committee and its distribution among the National Olympic Committees of the world

1997 – Starting a scientific specialization «The Olympic Sports»

1997 – Introduction of the specialization “The Olympic Sports” into the system of the higher education

1997 – Publication of the textbook “The Athletes’ Preparation in the Olympic Sports” awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology and reissued in many countries

2003 – Establishment of the Master’s Degree Programme “The Olympic Sports”

2013 – Opening of the International Centre for the Olympic Studies and Education

2019 – Opening of the Educational and Scientific Olympic Institute