Master’s degree programme «Athletic Preparation and Performance Coaching in an Olympic Sport»

Starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, the Master’s Degree Programme “Athletic Preparation and Performance Coaching in an Olympic Sport” has been opened.

What the Master’s Degree Programme Athletic Preparation and Performance Coaching in an Olympic Sport is About

The diverse accomplishments of the global sports science and practical experience in the athletic preparation, performance coaching and other related areas underlay the Master’s Programme and contribute to its resulting quality.

The Master’s Course is designed for professionals who strive to bring a vast improvement to their academic level, acquire modern approaches and technologies for successful practice.

The Programme syllabus also comprises the study of the functional lexis in English – a prerequisite for successful performance in the modern world sports.

Distinctive Features of the Master’s Programme that Will Assist Your Professional Advancement

Pursuing this Master’s Degree, You will obtain:

• an education in a highly professional environment shaped by many years of rich history of this University and the proficiency of its world-renowned experts involved to teaching for the Master’s Programme;

• deep knowledge in theory and methods of the athletic preparation;

• basic understanding of subject matters related to the athletic preparation and vital for successful coaching – history, sociology, physiology, biochemistry, morphology, nutrition, psychology, management, etc.;

• an opportunity to learn about the activities of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Federations of the Olympic sports, leading training centres carrying out the preparation of national teams;

• knowledge and skills for scientific research and interpretation of their results, which is topical for coaching.

The degree that You will earn will lead You to a successful career in the field of the Olympic sports – a popular phenomenon in today’s global world.

Features of Master’s Degree Studies

Course duration – 16 months (three semesters).

Studies are carried out in a continuous distance mode and comprise lecture courses in each discipline, seminars, discussion panels, knowledge assessment, preparation of theses and their public defence.

Course instruction is delivered in groups according to the language principle (Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Spanish). 

Each Master’s Degree student is assigned an academic adviser who will guide them through the entire process of studies and assist in resolution of any issues that may arise.

Admission Process

From July 1, 2020 the tutors provide organizational support in filing documents and assist applicants in matters of preparation for entrance exams.

Those who wish to study for a master’s degree send a tutor a completed APPLICATION FORM and then receive all the information regarding further actions.

Applicants for a master’s degree should present documents to the Entrance commission of the Educational and Scientific Olympic Institute at the National     University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport from August 1 to October 9, 2020.

From October 12 to 16, a Skype interview is held in according to the approved schedule.

Entrance exams will be held online form October 19–26, 2020.

Beginning of classes – November 2, 2020.

Semester Duration:

first semester – November – February,

second semester – March – September,

third semester – November – February.

Tuition is paid in national currency of Ukraine in the amount equivalent to 3 thousand US dollars by equal parts before beginning of each semester.

Our Tutors

Anastasiia Vorobiova – Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Associate Professor. Mob.: +380976421309. E-mail:

Alina Ulan – Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Senior Lecturer. Mob.: +380937884186. E-mail:

Aliona Diomina – Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Senior Lecturer. Mob.: +380972964488. E-mail:

Liudmyla Haponova – Post-Graduate Student. Mob.: +380972964488. E-mail: